The British Association of General Paediatrics aims to promote General Paediatric care for children in the UK.

It facilitates communication of the views and experience of clinicians working in General paediatrics.

It promotes General Paediatrics by fostering research and arranging scientific meetings and is open to all clinicians working in the field of General and Acute Paediatrics


Our aims are:

To have a clearer process for general paediatricians to have a voice within the College – for example:

RCPCH General Paediatric CSAC activity

General paediatric training

Interaction with other subspecialties

Workforce and service planning

Developing a vision for General Paediatrics


To contribute more actively to guideline development and the NICE process


To have closer links with research groups within the College e.g. College Research Division, Medicines for Children Research Network


To set priorities for research in general paediatrics

To motivate, support and guide trainees who wish to become general paediatricians



The BAGP can ensure that the voice of general paediatrics is heard, but can only do this with your support. I hope you will decide to join the Association.


If you wish to join, please do the following:



Thank you for your support

Dr John Jackman

Consultant General Paediatrician

Treasurer BAGP